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How do I order?

Follow these steps to get your reading today!

*If your unsure you ultrasounds shows any gender clues you can email me them first,
However this may delay a reading due to a high volume of orders I receive a day, I cant guarantee to reply straight away, if you did order and no clues from a Nub perspective, a full refund will be given.



Dive into the mystery by checking your baby's exact age! Leave the old methods behind and rely on only ultrasound measurements, not your last menstrual period (LMP). Let's unlock the secrets together!

- Ramzi Theory: Explore the possibilities from 6-10 weeks of gestation.

- Nub Theory: Take a peak from 12 weeks onwards.

- Gender Reassurance: Lets confirm from a potty-shot or side-shot ultrasound at 15 weeks or later.



Join me in the exciting shop page, where you can purchase your chosen reading and select your preferred time frame. In case of payment issues, fear not! Just send me an email, and I'll provide you with my business bank details. We won't let anything stand in our way.


Please note: As part of your quest, you'll be asked to provide a "shipping address" for payment security. But fret not, dear adventurer! No physical item will be sent to you. All your data will be deleted to ensure your safety.



Complete the ultrasound scan form. Your path to discovery lies just a click away! The form will be waiting for you after payment. No need to send separate emails unless the magic seems to fade away and the form does not work, or your sending in a video, In that case, send me all your scans/videos via email, including your order number and full name in the subject box. I shall be your guiding light!



The suspense builds as you await your results, which will be delivered straight to your email. Make sure to add my email to your trusted contacts, for we must protect the treasure from falling into the vast depths of the junk/spam folder. Stay vigilant!


Together, we shall uncover the secret of your baby's gender. Prepare yourself for an unforgettable adventure filled with excitement and anticipation. Let the journey begin! <3

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